Friday, April 27, 2012

Year of the Dragon - Herend & The Pink Pagoda

Chinese Year of the Dragon by Herend and by The Pink Pagoda.


  1. I want that black and white Herend dragon. Now. And I wish they'd do a stronger pink. Like a fun raspberry would be perfect. Thank you for featuring my prints today!

  2. That first Herend dragon is a limited edition piece, I believe it is around five thousand dollars, the smaller dragins are a lot more affordable, but the decoration isnt as intricate.

  3. WOW! I love that first dragon and went to the site via your provided link: $1070!!! Guess I will have to fill my dragon desires with the much more affordable (for me!) Pink Pagoda prints, which are so divine!!

  4. Dear Vicki,
    How wonderful it would be if that first dragon was only $1070, actually it is $5000 and a limited edition, signed and numbered piece. Herend has only made 300 of them for world wide distribution.

    The dragons below are much smaller, they have a lot less gold, and you can see that the design is a lot less intricate, that is why they are just over the $1000 mark, and of course, the smaller ones are not limited edition pieces.

    Ihope that helps to clarify the Herend pricing and sizing discussion we have been having.