Friday, April 13, 2012

The Top Ten Chinoiserie Pieces #10

The final piece in Elle Decor's Top Ten Chinoiserie Pieces is the stoneware Lotus Table Lamp by Hwang Bishop with its hand painted dragon motif for $1,799. Here are some of my alternatives. In a modern look I love the Jonathan Adler Dragon Lamp just below or one of Adler's lamps that have a similar shape with a much better price tag. I am not a stoneware fan at all. In a traditional look I would choose a blue and white Chinese porcelain lamp with a dragon design. Another great idea is to have a Chinese porcelain vase with dragon design made into a lamp, as in the example below. Tomorrow I will be starting my own Chinoiserie Chic's Top Ten Chinoiserie Pieces.

Jonathan Adler Dragon Lamp - $695

Fabulous Dragon Lamp - a perfect marriage of a traditional blue and white Chinese porcelain dragon design with lucite accents - the white silk shade is lined in navy blue - $640

Antique Dragon Vases converted to lamps

Jonathan Adler Lamp - $199 - available in many colors

Jonathan Adler Capri Bottle Lamp - available in many colors - $275

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