Sunday, April 15, 2012

CC's Top Ten Chinoiserie Pieces #2

Tozai Home Blue and White Dragon Temple Jar
My second pick that every Chinoiserie lover needs in their home is an oversized ginger jar or two. This is another example of something you can spend as little or as much as you like. My two favorite pairs of ginger jars in my own home were from Tuesday Morning and Pier One Imports. I love the design and scale of the Tozai Home example above, at over 3 feet tall with its dragon design. A jar of this size is often referred to as a "temple jar," although many people use "ginger jar" regardless of size. The grand ginger jar makes a wonderful focal point in any room of your home, adding drama and scale.

Dransfield and Ross

Meg Braff

Ashley Whittaker

Charlotte Moss

Carolyne Roehm

Michelle Nussbaumer

Mary McDonald

Ruthie Sommers

Joe Nye

Dick Ridge and Rod Denault

Charlotte Moss

Katie Rosenfeld

Katie Rosenfeld


  1. Gorgeous images, Beth. I love all of these rooms and I am especially in love with Mary McDonald blue and white jar, and the room by Dick Ridge and Rod Denault!
    Happy Sunday.

  2. Wow love love this post!!!! All sooo beautiful.

  3. Absolutely the PERFECT chinoiserie design touch!!!

  4. Oh yay! Wonderful post. I am such a fan of ginger jars! N.G.