Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ralph Lauren Faux Bamboo Table High/Low

This gold faux bamboo Ralph Lauren Indian Cove Lodge End Table is one of my favorite pieces ever. Unfortunately, it sells for $5,025. The same look can be had by using this stunning vintage faux bamboo end table shown at bottom available at LIV Vintage for $275 by painting it gold yourself. The Ralph Lauren table has an embossed black leather top should you wish to add that element or mimic it by painting the top black.


  1. Beth I love faux Bamboo Tables and the Ralph Lauren is exceptional, simply price prohibitive.

    I do like the shelf on your find!

    Art by Karena

  2. I have lusted after this RL table since it was first introduced! Even went to the local store to look at it in person! But with that price tag I might as well have been looking at it in a locked glass case! Would love for someone to buy that LIV Vintage piece, re-do it and then show pictures of the finished product! Such potential!!!