Thursday, February 23, 2012

Same Green Dining Room - Two Ways

I  am always intrigued when I find the same room of an interior designer with two different looks. The dining room above by Barrie Benson is in her portfolio on her website. The same dining room below adds the rug, loses the cushions on the Chinese Chippendale chairs, has different fabric on the dining chairs, and loses the pair of blue and white Chinese porcelain vases on the table. Which do you prefer? I think I like elements of each.

*I like the fabric on the dining chairs below.
*I prefer the pair of blue and white Chinese vases on the table
*I'm not feeling the rug below - perhaps a sea grass rug?
*I don't get the fabric on the Chinese Chippendale chairs above. I think I would use the fabric on the dining chairs above on them to pick up the blue and white.


  1. I guess the rug in the second picture harmonizes with the artwork and lampshade reflected in the mirror...but I don't like it. I prefer the blue and white vases to that candlestick, and think they would have picked up the blue from the reupholstered chairs quite nicely!

  2. I am with you on this assessment of these two looks. Completely NOT feeling the rug in the second approach.

  3. Does anyone know who makes the fabric on the chairs in the 2nd picture??