Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm A Giant Challenge - Dragon House

This is Dragon House, my black and gold dragon pagoda, a homage to Dragon House at Sanssouci. I created it to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dragon and as a final touch to my I'm a Giant Challenge dollhouse reveal. I chose a blue and white color scheme throughout. It would be located in a large garden as it is intended to be used as a perfect little retreat after gardening, for afternoon tea, for a weekend escape, or perhaps a romantic getaway.

The top level is a bedroom with a hand painted Chinoiserie bed, a Chinese lantern, antique Chinese embroidered lambrequins at the windows as well as throughout the house, an antique statue, a pair of gilded dragons, and beautiful Chinoiserie wallpaper quite like de Gournay. It is a perfect little spot for a nap, an overnight, or perhaps a secret rendezvous.

The middle level is for dining and is a little Palm Court, reminiscent of the great tea rooms with its pair of palm trees. It also has a beautiful blue and white wool leopard carpet, blue and white "chair" wallpaper, black and gold lacquered Chinoiserie table and chairs, a bar cart with silver tea service, candlesticks, an antique chandelier, a blue and white Chinese porcelain vase, a ladies fan, and a stand with sheet music for when a musician is hired for musical entertainment. This room is often used for afternoon tea or a romantic evening meal.

The lower level is used primarily after gardening with its Lutyens bench, wellies, garden tools, topiary, and pair of blue and white Chinese garden stools. The wallpaper is covered in blue and white Chinese porcelain.

The roof has five dragons. An impressive pair of gilded dragon lamps flank the structure and are illuminated at night. The front of the pagoda has a pair of antique lion statues and a pair of garden obelisks as well as a gilded dragon at the entrance.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of Dragon House.


  1. Spectacular! I adored your dollhouse, and this is simply amazing. Oh to be able to have such a retreat in my real life....sigh. Thank you for sharing such a treat.

  2. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! Each beautiful little room, delightful in every tiny detail!! WOW! Your creative spirit clearly knows no bounds! Excellent job!

  3. I'm still trying to figure out where you find such a piece? It is stunning. I can't imagine how many hours total you have invested in all of this. I remember reading that you loved doing it. Well done.

  4. i love it even more than your first one! how on earth did you find time to do TWO dollhouses? even with the extension, i'm still not done with mine!


  5. Amazing. After what you did with the dollhouse I'm not a bit surprised. I knew it would be incredible! I LOVE all the dragons! Another beautifully done job!

  6. Absolutely amazing. I LOVE it! I hope you weren't too disappointed by the outcome of the challenge. So far as I can tell, only a couple of people finished, and Emily Henderson, who sponsored the challenge, didn't even mention it on her blog yesterday. It appears to have fizzled out. I am so glad that you revealed your houses to us over a series of days, as it was so fun, and stimulating to see your creativity. Thank you.

  7. OMG that shell light fixture over the white wooden couch. Too Divine.