Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Chinoiserie New Year's Resolution

Katie Rosenfeld
I have only one home related resolution this year - to redo my laundry room. Of course, I would like to have a bit of Chinoiserie in the space. These are three Chinoiserie laundry rooms I have bookmarked for inspiration. I love all of these ideas - Chinoiserie wallpaper, bamboo matchstick blinds, Chinese red lacquered washer and dryer, and a Chinese garden stool.

Draza Stamenich

Scandinavian Chic


  1. I just love that red washer/dryer set. It looks perfect in that very chic laundry room.

  2. Oh my! this first pic just knocked my socks off....but red lacquer will do that to a girl!!! I somehow expect your re-do to be somewhat more "sedate"...but I truly cannot wait to see what you wind up doing. I have one window in my laundry room and have been thinking of using a yard or so of my wonderful Xian fabric and doing a roman shade. We will see. Probably will wait for inspiration from you and Spring!

  3. My favorite by far dahhing is the Scandinavian chinoiserie!

  4. I want to redo my laundry room this year also. I have the red washer and dryer, and am looking for an oriental runner. I hadn't thought of a garden stool, but it is a nice touch. I love the idea of wallpaper behind the appliances, but wonder if the heat and moisture, especially from the dryer, might lead to peeling. None of the photos showed a sink, but I think that's an important element. Also, I've been looking for ages for the perfect laundry basket, one that's good looking and won't snag the clothes. Do you have any ideas on this?