Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm A Giant Challenge - The Pink Chinoiserie Bedroom

This master bedroom was inspired by the David Kaihoi bedroom from House Beautiful. He found a pile of dilapidated 18th century pink Chinoiserie wallpaper at auction that nobody else wanted and pieced it together to create a stunning bedroom. I had saved the box from a Limited Edition de Gournay for Anthousa diffuser that was too beautiful to throw away. I knew that one day I would find a use for it. I cut the box up and used it to wallpaper this room. I even left the silver leafed Anthousa and de Gournay lettering you can see above the bedside table. Here are the details of the room -

de Gournay pink Chinoiserie wallpaper
Leopard carpet
A hand painted French bed upholstered with hand painted fabric
Linen sheets
An antique silk duvet
A feather pillow
A gilded birdcage chandelier
A Paule Marrot print
A black and gold lacquered Chinoiserie table
A silver leafed pig bank
A silver topiary
A Tiffany & Co Christmas gift - I can't wait to open it!
You will also see here sneak peeks of the bathroom, dining room, living room and roof.


  1. This might be my favorite room yet...Totally amazing!


  2. what a great dollhouse! i love all of the fun items you've found!


  3. Each room more incredible than the last!!! This is such a beautiful bedroom!!! AWE-MAZING!!! I have always adored David's bedroom and you have duplicated it in a wonderful fashion!

  4. Now if only I could shrink myself to fit in. I would never leave!!!

  5. Your rooms are amazing! This looks like it was SO MUCH FUN and I can see that it was also lots of work. Absolutely incredible job!

  6. This is absolutely amazing...adore it!!

  7. What a beautiful look! I am a residential stylist, and this whole thing is just jaw-dropping. So far, the kitchen is my favorite, although I wish you would remove the shopping bags from the kitchen floor since the room is utter perfection on its own. I feel that they are distracting to the eye. (Loved the use of bags in the dressing room, just not in the kitchen). I hope you will take my comment as constructive feedback, and not as criticism. You have done masterful job, and I can't imagine anyone coming even close to the level of detail you have achieved.

  8. I really have enjoyed this series - I worked in a miniature and dollhouse store when I was in college and you have reminded me that the SOMEWHERE I have a black chinoiserie cabinet tucked away. You've done a particularly nice job of making your house inhabited with the special touches - packages to unwrap, cards to mail, etc. You've also done a fabulous job with the scale!

  9. I don't know where you found the time for this. THIS IS STUNNING! I can appreciate all the work that went into this. Well done!

  10. I think this is my favourite room too, I adore the pink 'wallpaper'

  11. I love your blog, Beth! And your dollhouse is so amazing!! I included your pink room in my blog post with a round-up of rooms with pink de Gournay wallpaper. XOXO, The Glam Pad