Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm A Giant Challenge

I've made lots of progress on the dollhouse with six rooms completed and two to go. Yeah! Here's a list of things I've learned so far in decorating my Chinoiserie dream house -

1. I now own two houses.
2. I now have two houses to clean.
3. Are there miniature feather dusters and Swiffers out there?
4. Everywhere I go, I think in miniature now. I went to the DC Big Flea Market on Saturday and minis were all I focused on.
5. Dollhouse furniture and accessories seem to fall into two main groups - traditional / Victorian / Colonial / or modern / mid century modern. Not a lot of things that reflect today's look in interior design.
6. I now get the appeal of dollhouses - you can create your own perfect fantasy house, taking chances and risks you wouldn't in your own home, or doing things that would be too expensive in a real house.
7. It is very time consuming decorating an entire dollhouse.
8. If one more person asks me if there are going to be people in my dollhouse I will scream. No, there will not be people. Why would I want strangers living in my house? ;-)

BTW, the beautiful Chinese vase is an antique from the 1800s I picked up for the living room. (The dollhouse living room, of course.)