Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Clarence House Flowering Quince / CurtainsMade4U Flowering Branch Silk

CurtainsMade4U Flowering Branch Silk
One of the most iconic Chinoiserie fabrics and wallpapers is Clarence House Flowering Quince, adored by interior designers. The design is based on an antique kimono, but done freehand to give it a funky fun fifties feel. It is 100% linen. Flowering Branch Silk shown above and below is the exact same artwork and coloring, done in 100% cotton. The great news is the price difference. My example above, through CurtainsMade4U, of a pair of inverted box pleat curtains for a single window 36" x 84" long, lined, would be $515. The same pair would retail for at least 3 times that using Clarence House Flowering Quince. This is but one of countless examples of how you can achieve stunning custom curtains at a wonderful price at CurtainsMade4U.

Flowering Branch Silk Sample

Flowering Branch Silk Closeup

Clarence House Flowering Quince

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Chloe Warner


  1. that san francisco bedroom from chloe warner is an all-time favorite!


  2. Okay, I don't know what it is about us, but you are always reading my mind! I literally have a sample of this at my feet. I have been desperately trying to find something for a client's dining room and this was my Plan C. Now, I have loved it forever, but I was afraid it has become so overused. This project will be amazing. I know I will get great photos. But being the self-serving designer that I am (JUST KIDDING! well....) I don't want to use something that's been done to death.

    But seeing this images again, especially Chloe Warner's, make me think, A good thing is a good thing! Why do I have to use a fabric no one on earth has seen. (Plan A is to have Quadrille do a custom coloration. PRICEY!)

    Anyway, I've been staring at the sample all day. I think I'll bring it tomorrow. And suggest we make it Plan A. I'll tell her Chinoiserie Chic said it's a go.

  3. that entry hall will always be a favorite of mine, its stunning!