Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm A Giant Challenge - My Dollhouse

Here is my dollhouse, the Momoll Playtower Ding 3 in Plexiglass, a multifunctional modern glass house with a facade of plexiglass panels. Developed as a contemporary modern dollhouse, it is expandable to many more floors. It can also be used as an apartment building, a beach house, a fire station, a garage, anything you or your child can dream up. I love the whole mid century modern Frank Llloyd Wright vibe. It also assembles and disassembles in minutes which is great for me because I am hardly a DIY type. i.e., I don't sew or wallpaper. I don't even cook! ;-)

I really like the sophisticated unisex plexiglass design that will be a great backdrop for my eclectic mix of furnishings. This dollhouse is made in Switzerland and I think it is very cool and beautifully made. Perfect for the adult miniature enthusiast, the modern family, or grandparents with a hipper bent. It assembles and disassembles very easily and stores in a small box - ideal for a beach house or grandparents' house.

If you want your own, the U.S. distributor is Spunky Sprout, a very chic store for the modern sophisticated family. Spunky Sprout has been featured in magazines like InStyle and Dwell and is loved by celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Halle Berry, and Naomi Watts. Now you can begin watching my transformation which will include an entryway, living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, master bath, study, and dressing room, all with loads of Chinoiserie. The fun begins!

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  1. Very interesting dollhouse! Love the plexiglass! I can't wait to see what you do with it! :)