Friday, October 7, 2011

Great Chinoiserie Rooms That Break the Rules in Style

Let's see how many rules Joe Nye broke here and ended up with a stunning Chinoiserie room:

1. You'll get tired of a busy wallpaper.
2. Don't use a large scale wallpaper in a small room.
3. Don't use a patterned carpet when there are other patterns in a room.
4. Don't use matching wallpaper and fabric.
5. Don't use a large scale fabric on a chair.


  1. Absolutely Beautiful dahhhling!

  2. Joe Nye does such awe-inspiring work!!!
    Did you get the little chest in the post above this one? It is so pretty I would ADORE it in ANY SIZE!!!

  3. The wallpaper & fabric are Delicious...Do you know who makes it...Your posts get better everyday! Thanks

  4. This is Cowtan & Tout Manuel Canovas Pagoda.