Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm A Giant Challenge

Some of you may have heard about the I'm a Giant Challenge that was launched last week by HGTV Design Star winner Emily Henderson. She is challenging interior design bloggers to create their dream houses, in their own styles, in mini. Participants can choose any structure they want - new, vintage, traditional, modern, a mansion, a loft, even a cardboard box. There will be a widget to link everyone up, weekly or whenever updates, and the final reveals on December 15th. Plans are in the works for reveal parties and press coverage. How fun.

I have decided to join in by creating the ultimate Chinoiserie Chic dream house. We are talking de Gournay wallpaper, Chinese Chippendale, blue and white Chinese porcelain, the works. The hitch is it will be a real challenge for me as my experience with dollhouses has been my own Barbie Dream House and my daughter's Playmobil Victorian Mansion. Basically plastic. I have selected and ordered my dollhouse and my next update will be when I receive it and put it together.

Everyone is invited to participate in this by decorating your own dollhouse - bloggers, interior designers, design enthusiasts, dollhouse and miniature hobbyists, and all you blog followers. Any of you on board? Here is the information. If any of you have ideas or wisdom for me, please share. I am super excited about this and can't wait to get started. (My scale is 1:12 BTW, I have learned that much.)


  1. Someone just told me about it, I love the idea and have been contemplating getting on board but when I do something I like to give it 100% and right now I feel spread thin as is, so have to really think about it. YOURS however is going to be INCREDIBLE...can't wait to see it!!!!!!!! Have fun.

  2. GO BETH! I know yours will be SPECTACULAR!!!!

  3. Beth I will be very excited to see your creation!!

    Art by Karena

  4. Awesome. I am in your corner and I bet you that nobody else has your good taste!