Friday, September 23, 2011

Chinoiserie Lighting Trivia

Many of you are likely familiar with this iconic photo of William (Billy) Haines' blanc de Chine lamp in the middle of his dining room table. But did you notice that there is no electrical cord visible? Haines had an obsession with lamp cords. No cords could be visible in photo shoots. Moreover, in his own home, he would often drill a hole in the table so the cord could run along the underside of the table to the outlet. Stay tuned today for the announcement of our new series and for my interview with interior designer Joe Nye.


  1. And I thought that it was just the way this well-known photo was shot. Would have been a shame to drill a hole in that beautiful table.

  2. I love using lamps on my dining room table for parties. If you have table leaves that pull apart you can simply pull them apart slightly and sneak the cord (or cords) through the crack and push the leaves back together! My cords are brown , like my wood dining table. Dim the lights and they are hardly's a great way to create a cozy table setting.
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