Saturday, August 13, 2011

Scalamandre Shanghai

If you are looking for a stunning pagoda wallpaper, Scalamadre Shanghai is it for me. Classic, traditional, elegant, and incredibly dramatic, this Chinoiserie toile completely eliminates the need for any artwork wherever it is used. I chose this as one of the top ten Chinoiserie wallpapers - read my post here.

Wallpaper Detail

Meg Braff Dining Room

Scalamandre Print Ad

Keith Irvine - Domino Magazine


  1. Beth, whether wallpaper or fabric, without a doubt this is one of the best ever! Both require a minimum spend of either two rolls or two meters - and that is hard to find when my 'emperor' will only permit a small splash of either!

  2. Definitely take a look at my 100th post... an incredible inspired home with lots of amazing chinoiserie and collections you will love!!