Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pagoda Week

Meg Braff
A very fun week is in store here at Chinoiserie Chic. This week we will focus our posts on that beloved icon of Chinoiserie-the pagoda. We will look at how interior designers use pagodas, where to find pagodas for your own home, pagoda fabric, pagoda wallpaper, pagoda furniture, pagodas in my own Chinoiserie home, and my interview with the queen of pagodas - Mary McDonald.


  1. Pagodas are my favorite motif of all. I love to see your fabric recommendations. I just ordered a custom pagoda fabric from Spoonflower out of frustration in looking fo the perfect one.

  2. Yeah I will love all these posts. I just adore pagodas!

  3. One of my all time favorite design elements for a Chinoiserie home! Just helped myself to 2 more Gump pagoda lanterns, for use on the patio, in the verdigris finish. Could not resist them at the marked down price and 15% additionally off of that! If it turns out the green does not work, I will simply paint them some other color that will be spectacular, I am sure. I am looking forward to every single word this week, Beth!