Friday, June 3, 2011


We all know that scale is an important element in interior design. In decorating with Chinoiserie, I am especially fond of using oversized ginger jars to great dramatic effect. Here are some excellent examples like the desk with large ginger jar by Benjamin Dhong pictured above.

Katie Rosenfeld

Ashley Whittaker

Mary McDonald

Ruthie Sommers

Charlotte Moss

Carolyne Roehm


  1. Yes! These are fabulous, oversized elements in a room can have a tremendous impact! Janell

  2. Oh, YES! How I would love to have Carolyn Roehm's $$ and a couple of those Ginger jars :-)

  3. I oversized ginger jars just about anywhere, they add instant elegance and a bit of drama to whatever space they are used!

  4. You cannot go wrong with ginger jars, great or small. But I must agree that, in this case, bigger IS more beautiful.

    Also, love just about any design from Mary McDonald. She has such flair.

    April of Just Verte

  5. Beautiful and inspiring images. I think I'm on the hunt now for big ginger jars!