Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grasscloth Idea to Borrow

I'm certain many of you have seen here or elsewhere this stunning interior of Lyford Cay in the Bahamas by Tom Scheerer. What you may not know is how the fantastic wall treatments were created. Grasscloth wallcovering was painted chocolate brown, and then twenty foot white trees, adapted from the tree of life, were hand painted. Do you have grasscloth in your home that is looking dated? Why not paint it, then paint or stencil palm, coconut, or other tropical trees? Below are a few stencil examples from The Stencil Library and Stencil Source.


  1. Beth, this room by Tom Scheerer is really amazing. Thank you for the how to's on the wallpaper. Good to know! I have CC on my blogroll. Love your posts! Please come visit Joy of Nesting sometime! Shiree'

  2. It would also be cool to paint around the stencil, leaving the natural grasscloth as the pattern!

  3. i have been away way to long form the beauty of your blog.


  4. brilliant ideas beth...i have seen this gorgeous tom scheerer room all over the 'net, but you have all the juicy details and a way to interpret it! thank you for sharing.

    xx stephanie