Monday, June 20, 2011

The Chinoiserie Showhouse

Entryway-Mary McDonald

After all of the hundreds of posts I have done featuring gorgeous Chinoiserie rooms, there are some that remain my absolute favorites. I thought it would be fun to show you my fantasy Chinoiserie showhouse, putting together some of those.

Living Room-Alessandra Branca

Corner banquette in the same living room

Dining Room-Andrew Raquet

Another view

Kitchen-Windsor Smith

Hall-Michelle Nussbaumer

Bedroom-Miles Redd

Bedroom-Miles Redd

Bedroom-Kendall Wilkinson

Bathroom-de Gournay

Bathroom-Paolo Moschino

Bathroom-Mary Watkins Wood


  1. IN LOVE!!!! I could happily move into your fantasy showhouse and call it home, over the top beautiful!

  2. Great fantasy house! I especially love the entryway and the blue bathroom.

  3. I love it especially that top photo will mirror I actually called the designer on it it was one of a kind find out in Ca.
    Love the "dream showhouse" wish I could move in!!

  4. Really love the yellow wallpaper/cover. Exquisite.

  5. Thank you including my room at the Greystone... I am doing another room this year! Such a cute blog. love stopping bye

    xxoo Michelle

  6. what a wonderful treat to see these rooms again and think about and analyze them.

    thank you for the post!!

    all the best,

  7. Fantasy House so lovely, I just want to move in!