Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pink Chinoiserie Wallpaper and Fabric

Looking for high end Chinoiserie fabrics and wallpaper without the huge price tag? My favorite source is Thibaut. For our pink Chinoiserie Valentine's Day series, here are some of their pink choices.


  1. Gorgeous simple perfeciton! Wow love all the colors...the coral pink is so pretty, it would be pretty in a room with soft lighting...great choices!
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  2. Thank you for posting these amazing wallpapers!! I have a client that's all about PINK! Can't wait to show them to her!

  3. i am 'old fashioned' in regards to design.
    i loved when they did rooms wallpapered,
    and the same patterned fabric on everything.
    i definitely could live in a bedroom like that.

    well.....i did.
    i love it.