Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Favorite Pink Rooms

Continuing our Valentine's Day pink Chinoiserie series, here are my top ten pink rooms. Above, Jonathan Berger.

Alessandra Branca

Mary McDonald

Suzanne Kasler

Miles Redd

Ruthie Sommers

Carolyne Roehm


  1. That Jonathan Berger room has long been one of my faves too but I looovee that Suzanne Kassler room the with the coral pink walls...stunning! The one with the blue and white jars and two chairs...that color is incredible! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post of pictures...happy weekend!

  2. They are all beautiful - I especially love the guest room with the gorgeous day bed.

  3. They're all gorgeous, but I love the bolder ones best. Jonathan Berger, Miles Redd, Alessandra Branca. Haute pink!

  4. All your fantastic pink rooms inspired me to create a Valentine print in your honor.

  5. These are all my favourites too! Mary Mcdonald and Alessandra Branca...just love that pink!