Thursday, June 17, 2010

Harrison Howard and Pagoda Fabrics

This is the new cover of St Louis Seasons Magazine by the incredibly talented artist Harrison Howard. I love it. I was recently contacted by a reader in Australia wanting to recreate this look. She and her interior designer have been in search of a blue and white pagoda fabric for the cushions in the pool house. Here were my suggestions to her. My top choice was one of the Quadrille/China Seas fabrics, as they are available in Suncloth which is perfect for this application.

Lyford Background

Lyford Print


  1. Gorgeous Beth. I wish I had a pool house to duplicate that look in. Maybe my patio...

  2. Beth, Love these fabrics. Another great designer who is into pagodas is Mary McDonald out of LA. Shiree'

  3. I can never get enough of the Thibault fabric.
    I will admit the photo you used was my screensaver for a few days.
    Have a glorious weekend.

  4. The Shiny Pebble-Perfect for the patio.

  5. Quadrille/China Seas has some amazing fabrics! Love the pagoda prints! - Landon, The Arkansan Anglophile

  6. Alexandra Rae-Of Harrison Howard or the pagoda fabrics or both?