Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chinoiserie Chic and Cheap

Here are some cheap and chic Chinoiserie steals to chase away these depressing, cold, post holiday winter doldrums. Starting at 44 cents, you will find one or more to lift your spirits. Start with one of these stunning Japanese Papers shown above at Paper Source for $8.00. Perfect for framing, they are also ideal for bookbinding, origami, lampshades, or collage. I framed three for my daughter's apartment and they look amazing.

Asian Floral Totes at The Container Store for $2.99. Chic and eco-friendly, use one for grocery shopping, dry cleaning, or errands.

Lotus Jasmine Garden File Folder Set at Paper Source for $27.95. Organize your home office with Chinoiserie style.

25 Coasters in a Lucite Box at iomoi for $28.00. Other great gifts for under $50 from iomoi as well.

Blue and White Ginger Jar Notecards by Annechovie-boxed set of 8 for $16.50.

Chinoiserie Classic Toile Pagoda Candle at Seda France on sale for $20.00. 60 hour burn time candle in a gorgeous box-a personal favorite.

Tokyo Matches at Paper Source for $4.95. A lovely way to light a candle.

Cherry Blossom Memo Cube at Paper Source for $15.95-700 sheets for your desk.

Chinese Year of the Tiger stamps go on sale tomorrow at the USPS-44 cents.

Chinoiserie Soap at Anthropologie for $9.00. Beautiful gilded paper and a delicious blend of tangerine, orange, and vanilla.

Set of 2 Fu Dog Bookends at CB2 for $49.95. A wonderful way to jazz up a bookshelf or cocktail table.


  1. I can't wait to get the stamps tomorrow! Perfect for my Chinese New Year coorespondence! xo kitty

  2. Great selection, Beth! That pagoda packaging for that candle is absolutely stunning -- is the scent as fantastic? If so, I may have to indulge.

  3. I am so excited about the Year of the Tiger stamps! Those Ginger Jar note cards are really pretty too.

  4. I heart that soap. Gold on pattern is so gorgeous.

  5. Oooh, I LOVE the Blue and White Ginger Jar Notecards! You could even frame one of those and hang it up. Great post!

  6. Love the foo dogs and that candle by Seda France candle too!

    Snap with Dagny @ Beautiful Living!!

  7. Kitty-I ordered them online-I hate going to the Post Office!

  8. Averill-Their scents are all wonderful.

  9. Star Cake Astrology-It's a wonderful series of stamps they are doing.

  10. Proper Hunt-She does sell them larger for framing as well. Check out her Etsy store.

  11. Year of the tiger stamps! I must get some...


  12. Beth:
    I've seen these papers before, but had completely forgotten about them - I'm so glad you included them in your list! I think they might be just what I'm looking for in terms of nursery art!

    P.S. - Did you frame different prints or several of the same one for your daughter?

    alison g.

  13. Alison-I framed three different colors of the same pattern-I'll send you a picture.