Saturday, January 23, 2010

Charlotte Moss on Chinoiserie

SA: Chinoiserie is a common thread in your work. How can people bring this element into their own homes and make it look appropriate?
CM: You can start with something as simple as a chinoiserie tea caddy, a tray, a screen, or a wallpaper panel framed as a piece of art. A black lacquered secretary is a good choice because it's not as bold as a whole room done in chinoiserie, like my dining room in New York. I'm drawn to this style for its exotic nature. I love the characters and landscapes because they all tell a story. The same is true for a chinoiserie toile; it wants to have a conversation with me, and I love that.

(Courtesy of Southern Accents)


  1. Anything that tells a good story count me in! It does begin as a mild flirtation only to erupt into an obsession.

  2. Great post! I love hearing what CM has to say about any element of design.


  3. 100% agree. It's such an adaptable look. EVERYTHING looks better with a little chinoiserie! :)

  4. Chinoiserie toile... count me as a fan! LOVE IT!

  5. Great post. Love CM and really appreciate good use of Chinoiserie. My favorite quote- it wants to have a conversation with me.

    So true!!