Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chinoiserie Bench Inspiration

Several people have emailed me or commented that they bought the JCP (I can't speak its name) Chinoiserie bench and are planning on glamming it up. Here are some examples of high or higher end Chinoiserie benches that may be a source of inspiration. As for the base, what about Chinese red, black, black and gold, or even black with accents of gold, red, and turquoise? Fabric could run the gamut from a great Chinoiserie toile, a red or coral pink silk damask, raw silk, leopard, leather, even a tufted cushion. One follower of Chinoiserie Chic may try a faux malachite finish-doesn't that sound fabulous? If anyone would like to send photos of their "after" results, I will do a post on any I receive along with my efforts. Sounds fun! What would you do to glam this up? Do tell!

English 1920s Red Painted Chinoiserie Stools at 1st dibs

Southern Living Georgia Idea House used three to form a bench-great idea!

Palace stool at Gumps in gold with scarlet "silk" cushion

Moss colored leather with nailhead trim at 1st Dibs

An antique English Queen Anne Chinoiserie version with cane seat

French 19th century at Roslyn Raphan


  1. Great examples & inspiration. I spied the JCP version & was wondering about it's quality. I love the idea of three in a row.

    Thanks for all your recent comments, very much appreciated.I am SO far behind reading all my favorite blogs. I need a clone.

    Thanks for this post! :D deb

  2. [Hmmm...just got an error message when I tried to comment, but if this is a repeat, pls feel free to delete!]

    In any case, I'd recover the seat in Chiang Mai fabric and then repaint the base in a high gloss black!

  3. My favorite bench is the first picture! Thanks!

  4. Deb-Everyone seems to be stretched too thin right now. Love your blog and thanks so much for following mine so loyally.

  5. The Consummate Hostess-Thanks-stay tuned....

  6. Averill-That would be a natural, wouldn't it? Very chic.

  7. Ok-
    I am not going to lie- I want 2 of the JCP ones!
    They look great! No clue what to do with them yet- but fab!

  8. OK the red and gold bench trio at the foot of the bed is brilliant design. I love Gumps too!


  9. Cristin-The trio is a great idea-so versatile.

  10. LOL. Store that dare not speak it's name -- but it's pretty nice!

  11. SF-I was going to use that title but chickened out-LOL!