Monday, June 1, 2009

Chinoiserie Umbrellas

This Charlotte Moss room from the 1995 Kips Bay Show House still remains one of my all time favorites. I love the de Gournay wallpaper, the velvet cover, the Chinese embroidered silk pillows, the red cashmere throw, the leopard pillows, and the single Oriental poppies in vases on the mantel. The piece de resistance of course is the umbrella bed. When I spied these antique English brass Chinoiserie umbrellas on eBay, they reminded me so much of this umbrella bed. I picked them up for only $9.95! I haven't quite figured out where they will go, but they will serve as inspiration and a reminder of this lovely Chinoiserie room that only lived for a month in 1995, yet still remains fresh in my mind.


  1. 1995! Just goes to show you how timeless Chinoiserie really is, especially in a world where trends cycle in and out so quickly.

    Great eBay score, btw. I think those umbrellas would be a great touch to a floral arrangement/centerpiece.

  2. Averill...touche thats a whimsical idea!!!
    Mine was in a planter, one each, aside perhaps two planters flanking an archway or door

  3. Alicia-Another creative idea-thanks!