Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mystery Chinoiserie Toile

This is my first giveaway on Chinoiserie Chic, but it comes with strings attached! I found this gorgeous Chinoiserie wallpaper on eBay a while ago and, very unlike me, I let it get away. The seller did not know the pattern name or manufacturer. I believe it is high-end, because the seller said the roll came back-rolled. It haunts me. I have to find it! Any ideas out there as to what it is? I know that it comes in green as well, and in both wallpaper and fabric. I believe it is French or English. I know it is still made. If anyone can identify it, you will have my eternal gratitude and a lovely Chinoiserie gift I will send to the first person who can tell me the pattern name and manufacturer. 


  1. Couldn't tell you, but I would check with Vervain as the image clarity looks like theirs. Or The Paris Choinoiserie Collection at Fabricut. Good Luck and thanks for the DC invite. Sounds fun to get bloggers together!

  2. A Gift Wrapped Life-Thanks for the ideas-I'll check these out. Hope to see you in D.C. sometime.