Tuesday, November 8, 2016

120 Items Every Beautiful Home Should Have - #8

House Beautiful

Next on our list from House Beautiful's key pieces for the beautiful home is a pet to enjoy it. Well, I have three dogs and they are "Chinoiserie." The Tibetan Spaniel is from Tibet and the Japanese Chin breed was originally from China.

Margot our Japanese Chin

Isabella"Izzy" our Tibetan Spaniel

Harper our Japanese Chin



Brooke Chase said...

Chinoiserie dogs - you win! We have the dog from the House Beautiful pic, but still, you win ;)

Beth Connolly said...

Brooke - I had two Cavaliers - a Blenheim and a Tri.

Geo C said...

Chinoiserie down to your beautiful fur babies...Love it! Are you sure Margot is a canine??