Sunday, May 25, 2014

One Man's Folly

Some of you may recall this cover from Veranda with a dining room in one of the homes of Furlow Gatewood. It is a great favorite of mine. A new book on Furlow Gatewood by Julia Reed called One Man's Folly is at the top of my book list.

One Man's Folly

Here are some photos of the wonderful homes of Furlow Gatewood filled with dogs, peacocks, and Chinoiserie.

Thanks so much for all of the emails and comments I received on yesterday's post about the death of my dearest friend. They mean so much to me.


Junell said...

This book is ravishing & my new obsession! I for one want Furlow's cheese straw recipe.....

Kim Ballard said...

Fabulous post, Beth. I need this book :-)
I'm so sorry about your loss of a dear friend. You have my sincere sympathy. I lost my dear aunt in December and it was so hard to see her go.