Saturday, January 4, 2014

#5 - The Top Ten Chinoiserie Trends for 2014

Windsor Smith
Today we look at #5 of my Top Ten Chinoiserie Trends for 2014. If you have missed any -

#1 - Mixing Gold, Silver, and Chinoiserie
#2 - Mixing African and Chinoiserie
#3 - Navy and Chinoiserie
#4 - Chinoiserie Chic Color of the Year 2014 - Baby Flamingo Lavender Gray

Today's trend is Gray and Chinoiserie. Gray has been popular for several years now and has become the neutral of choice in modern interiors. I personally love gray and it is at its best paired with Chinoiserie - classic, ethereal, understated, and sophisticated.

My new Houzz Ideabook for January 2014 is called "Gray Is The New Black." You will find great ideas on using gray and Chinoiserie in your home for a modern yet timeless chic.

Howard Slatkin

Alexa Hampton

Mary McDonald

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Marsha Splenderosa said...

Beth, I love the last photo. LOVE!
I like the sleekness with the chinoiserie. Happy New Year !!

Vickie H. said...

Beyond LOVELY!!

LaVerne said...

Your blog was recommended by one of my Pink Saturday Blog friends...beautiful pictures...I'll be back to visit again.