Thursday, September 19, 2013

Autumn and Chinoiserie DIY

Jonathan Adler
 I have shared this one before, but it is always so popular that it bears repeating. Get a pair of these fantastic and cheap Chinese Chippendale planters at Home Depot available in both 14" and 18." Spray paint them orange - I like Rustoleum Orange Gloss. Use them indoors with a pair of fiddle leaf fig trees, palms, or ficus, or outdoors with mums or boxwoods. This is fall decorating with Chinoiserie Chic style.


Leslie Price said...

That planter is amazing! I'm off to Home Depot today! Love it! Thanks for the tip!

Merlin said...

I change the color frequently...because with spray can! franki

Karena Albert said...

Perfection!! Really makes it a high end look!

2013 Artist Series!

Max G said...

Great website! I love asia related design :)!