Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter and Chinoiserie

Eddie Ross
Check out these stunning Chinoiserie Easter tables by Eddie Ross. I have a new Pinterest board to give you more Easter decorating with Chinoiserie style tips here.

Eddie Ross


Kim Ballard said...

Thanks so much for this fun inspiration for gorgeous Easter tablescapes. Happy Easter to you and your family, Beth!

Sarah said...

Oh, that first blue and white one is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter.


Good morning.
Happy Easter.
Very cute idea!
: D: D: D

Pussy said...

Hi Beth,
I wonder if Eddie realises he has the Goddess of Mercy statue sitting in his easter table decorations! Happy Easter to you and yours!

Sharyn said...

You crack me first I thought
"oh NO! She is off her rocker!" And then I realized YOU ARE and in such a fun way..Jeez, I'm getting nervous cuz I relate...The Zebra in the White Bridal Gown or ball gown was the KICKER. and yes I have been on several African and Indian safari's and relate to the unnecessary killing of animals. XO