Thursday, September 27, 2012

Greek Key Trim

Are these colors fantastic or what? Use it to trim pillows, a lamp shade, curtains, a chair skirt hem.... Available here.


Karena said...

Beth this is such a classic...O would love to find a set of sheets with this trim in a pale blue shade!

Love and Hugs

2012 Artist Series

Lisa Mende said...

yummy! you make it all look good!!!!

Junell said...

I adore the Fabricut Greek Key trim. Could bath in it! Seriously!

Kristina said...

Hi, do you know if the green color on the far left is "emerald"? It looks much more kelley than shown on the website. Thanks!

Beth Connolly said...

Kristina, I assume that it is Emerald, and that the lighting or "color correcting" makes it look brighter in this photo.