Thursday, March 29, 2012

Greek Key Upholstery

I love the idea of a chair or sofa upholstered in velvet Greek key fabric.

Palmer Weiss

Amy Morris


Vickie H. said...

Trying to locate this fabric in a beautiful blue (not navy) far, no luck! I love it! that last pic of the sofa is out of this world IMO!!!

Nancy said...

Love these greek key images! Thank you for feeding my greek key fantasies!

Nick Angiolillo said...

in love with the fabric on that slipper chair. anyone know who makes this?

Grant K. Gibson said...

I have used this fabric before and love it!
Clarence House.

kensington bliss said...

I love your Greek key fabrics in this post. I adore this motif as well. Particularly, the velvet and gold metalic elements provide interesting texture and detail. I am covering cushions in a blue and white Greek key outdoor fabric for our new kitchen built-in bench. Hopefully it turns out well. You have a lovely blog!

Natalie said...

Where is the dining table from????