Friday, August 19, 2011

Shades of Gray

In an ultra modern room or in a room with Belgian dumpster chic, I find gray to be cold, stark, and depressing. But add Chinoiserie and gray together, and I am smitten. Here is some great inspiration.

Andrew Raquet - Gracie Wallpaper

Andrew Raquet

Andrew Raquet

Andrew Raquet

Andrew Raquet

Jamie Meares - Furbish Studio

Jamie Meares - Furbish Studio

via Elements of Style

Beth Connolly

Charlotte Moss

Michelle Nussbaumer

Silver Chinoiserie Walls

Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald

Madeline Stuart

Ruthie Sommers

Gray Chinoiserie Walls

Stencil Library

Osborne & Little Palais Chinois

The Pink Pagoda


de Gournay

Gray Chinoiserie Pillow

Gray Chinoiserie Pillow

Lucite Chinoiserie Wastebasket


Peggy Braswell said...

Adore your blog! those over the top sofa's in Michelle Nussbaumer's images-loving them! Thanks for sharing.

Kerry said...

I love gray. My grandmother used it with touches of red and black, so it is close to my heart. I have yet to see any chinoiserie that I don't at least like a little. This post had really wonderful images.

The Pink Pagoda said...

Love the Fromental and de Gournay. These are all such lovely images! Thank you for including my print!