Saturday, October 14, 2023

Decorating for Fall with Acorns

Charlotte Moss

I have always thought acorns are so beautiful. Alas, I have not had acorns on my live oaks - I know that acorn production decreases dramatically on older oak trees. If I did, I would collect some and fill a beautiful blue and white Chinese bowl with them.

A very pretty alternative are these darling velvet mushrooms that come in a set of 36.

Set of 36 Velvet Acorns

If you'd like some gorgeous luxe acorns, Hot Skwash makes gorgeous fruits and vegetables out of silk velvet.

This set of 12 acorns is made from silk velvet, and the tops are harvested from real acorns. Fill them in a decorative bowl, or scatter them across your dining table for a chic, cozy fall look.

About Hot Skwash: Located just outside of Portland, Oregon, Hot Skwash is a family business started by Daria Knowles that designs and manufactures high end tabletop décor. They source only the highest quality sustainable materials and hand-pick each stem from local Oregon farms. Every purchase supports both the wider Portland community and their collective of mother artists who hand cut, sew, and build each piece from scratch.

Set of 12 Silk Velvet Acorns

These woven mushrooms and acorns are very cute - note that you get three each so you would want more than one box to fill a bowl -

Acorn and Mushroom Filler

Acorn and Mushroom Filler


  1. I have an oak tree that produces masses of acorns in the fall. I do, however, recommend artificial ones for indoor decor. I filled a bowl with real acorns last year and was dismayed to find, several days later, squirmy little critters emerging from several of them.

    1. Yes, if you see a hole in the acorn it is from an acorn weevil that has bored its way in. Don't collect those acorns. You can also put the acorns in the freezer for an hour to kill any bugs.

  2. Come to Massachusetts if you want acorns. We are having a "mast year" in which the oaks drop extra acorns. It is ridiculous how many acorns are dropping here.