Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Island Tray

Amanda Lindroth Island Tray

Amanda Lindroth offers these very chic Island Trays that are wicker with leather handles in blue, tan, orange (and a limited edition pink) in various sizes. I originally got a small one in blue, then in orange, then in tan, and yesterday I received in the mail a VERY hard to find extra large 26" inch square one in blue. So one of my many goals for the week is to style all four of them and then post on it.

Here is the grande one below and some styling to inspire you (and me).

I love trays to begin with, and these are beachy and chic and functional - did I mention they have a glass insert? How do you use trays in your home?

*A mini bar
*For mail and keys
*On your bedside table
*For toiletries or makeup
*For breakfast in bed
*For serving


  1. I use trays on my bedside table, in the bath for cosmetics, for serving, and to add texture on wooden table tops.
    I love the sea urchin teapot in the fourth picture above. The tray with the pink handles is especially pretty!

  2. I love the blue tray and the pink! I am going to search for the pink in any size but I don't hold out much hope! It is fun to see how you use these!!

  3. I use trays for everything except breakfast in bed. Not a fan of eating in bed! I noticed a little wine coaster with shells (the photo with the bottle of Miaval). I like that. Wondering if you know the source by any chance?

    1. I strongly dislike eating in bed. I think it's a guy thing in my experience. Sorry, don't know about the wine coaster. Did you try googling it? I've seen that before.

  4. Please tell me there’s a fastener under the decorative raffia to hold those handles securely to the tray! Imagine a guest’s breakfast splatting all over fabulous bedsheets because the handle popped off. Yikes! Best wishes.

    1. I think it's just the raffia but with fabulous sheets no way am I serving someone in bed. Yuck. LOL

  5. Love the orange handled trays! I use trays to corral my smaller plants on the dining room sideboard.