Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cordless Chinoiserie

Miles Redd - House Beautiful
 I was looking at my file of photos of skirted tables and came across these shots of this room by Miles Redd. It is a library in his mother's home in Bulkhead that he turned into an office for her. He used the dining room table that he thought too large for the dining room, having switched it out for a round table. It is covered in chintz called Althea by Lee Jofa and trimmed in Samuel & Sons fringe. The walls are glazed in emerald green. What caught my eye was the missing electrical cords on the two oversized Chinese lamps. I learned that he snaked the cords between the table leaves and under the rug. I assume he had slits made in the table skirt as well, right?

It reminded me of this iconic photo of Billy Haines at bottom with its cordless Blanc de Chine lamp. Haines had an obsession with cords and drilled a hole in the table so that the cord could run along the underside of the table and not be visible.

I too hate visible cords and do everything in my power so that none are visible. I rubber band them, or attach them to the backs of furniture, or run them behind curtains, or even position furniture to hide the cords. But Miles and Billy have one-upped me here.

Miles Redd - House Beautiful

Billy Haines


chayward said...

I have hidden all the cords in my home too! In a lot of places, I used paintable cable raceways, which are these adhesive channels that you can snap open, run the cords through, and then snap shut. If you run them along the baseboards they aren't as noticeable. I'd totally cut a hole in a rug, but I'm not so sure about drilling a hole in a table...

Jeannine520 said...

I think cords in sight just ruin a look so all the cords in my house are hidden, too. It's been my husband's obsession to come up with creative ways to hide them. I have dining room table leaves with notches in them that I can fit cords through, only works when using table cloths but there's no way I'm drilling a hole into the middle of a leaf, not going that far.