Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One Room Challenge - Week Three

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Welcome to Week Three of the One Room Challenge. Here is Week One and Week Two if you missed them. I have 6 weeks to convert our previous family room into a stylish Chinoiserie Man Cave for Mr. Chinoiserie Chic.

This past week I made great progress in the Chinoiserie Man Cave. The focal point of any man cave is a flat screen TV. I decided on the Ikea Besta Burs TV cabinet in the high gloss black and it was delivered and set-up. I got my husband a Samsung flat screen smart TV - his birthday was yesterday - and he is a very happy camper.

I am totally surprised by how much I am loving the palette of gray, black, and white, since I am such a color girl. I am adding lots of wonderful texture and it is more than making up for the lack of color.

On tap first this coming week is to style the bar cart. You may recall that I found a wonderful silver faux bois bar cart at HomeGoods. It's not huge, but it's the perfect size for the man cave. We have a large bar cart in the living room for entertaining, so this is ideal for my husband's private libations of choice.

I want to style a masculine but chic bar cart. Here is some inspiration.

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This week I picked up the following for my masculine bar cart :

Some of my husband's favorite bottles of liquor - and even in my room colors of black and white!

I fell in love with that bronze head of JFK in the top photo - my husband is from Boston. Miraculously, it took me about two seconds to find the identical one - signed 1964 - Austin Productions - in mint condition on Etsy.

I love adding a bit of safari chic whimsy - a pair of vintage Fitz and Floyd giraffes I won on eBay -

A leather flask -

J.Crew Leather Bottoms Up Flask

Shot glasses in their own denim carrying case -

J.Crew Bottoms Up Shot Glasses

 A cocktail shaker -

Ralph Lauren Equestrian Braid

A bar set -

Ralph Lauren Equestrian Braid

Stylish glassware -

Ralph Lauren Herringbone

Accomplished to date -

1 .Select the color palette - done.
2. Select the wall paint color - done.
3. Have the room painted - done.
4. Choose and install the TV and TV cabinet - done.
5. Style the bar cart - in process.

Still on tap -

6. Style the fireplace mantel.
7. Buy art and create a gallery wall around the TV.
8. Replace the chandelier.
9. Accessorize the room.

These are things I love to do in a room, so I am looking forward to these projects.

I am excited to see the progress everyone else has made this week -


Krystine @ said...

That bar cart is fabulous- my girlfriend has it and uses it all the time

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

I love what you are doing here, especially the bar cart! You always find the best things!

Christine Dovey said...

Obsessed with your bar cart finds- obsessed!

marion erwin said...

It's going to be a knockout! Love the color scheme.

pam {simple details} said...

You are killing me with your sophisticated man cave, Beth!! He may never come out!

Price Style & Design said...

Simply fab. And I think I need my own bar cart! :)

Ashlina Kaposta said...

bar cart. BEST part of a room, no? hehe. loving what you are doing with it.


You are going to kill that bar cart....the styling is such fun:) And what a sleuth you are finding great objects!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I was never sure if a bar cart was right for me, and now I feel I must have one. I can't wait to see yours in place. Happy Birthday to Mr. CC.

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

I love your inspiration photos. And its so cool that you were able to find the exact bust. It's perfect! And of course all your accessories are ideal.

Jessie said...

The bar cart looks very chic! Such an awesome find! Can't wait to see it styled!


Carrie @ Cosy Carolina Interiors said...

I love all of your accessories! This is going to be gorgeous!

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Such fun accessories! The jfk head is a great addition.

home before dark said...

A belated happy birthday to Mr. CC. I agree he may never come out of the cave. Glad you went the black gloss cabinet. I think think it helps the manly tv look less humongous. Looking forward to the art wall.

Andrea said...

Happy birthday to Mr. Chinoiserie Chic!! What a great present he is getting with this fabulous Man Cave! I love all of the accessories you have selected... and that bar cart is divine. I cannot wait to see it all come together!

The Glam Pad

erin williamson said...

That's a pretty sweet assortment of accessories! Your man has good taste in liquor for sure ;)

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

That is about the most well stocked bar I've seen. Perfect for nightly cocktails!

mrs. V | Chez V said...

I'll say it again, that Mr. CC is one lucky man. When you're done, you can come right on over to my casa and style up my libation situation. Great accessories!

linda said...

So exciting! Love all your picks! Cannot wait until the reveal.
- Linda, ny

Reichel Broussard said...

Can I be anymore jealous of this man cave? Love those accessories!

Tiffany said...

Dying. Can't wait to see it all. I want a bar cart too!

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

That JFK head is great! So many great details you're adding!

The Pink Pagoda said...

I want your husband's man cave. It's going to be INCREDIBLE!

kate@willowinteriors said...

What fun manly styling stuff you've found my dear!!!! Love this room! said...

Sounds like you've got this gorgeous room under control! I love what you're doing ;-)