Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Favorite Chinoiserie Wallpaper Ever

Garden & Gun

I have posted a couple of times about this wonderful Chinoiserie toile wallpaper. I first saw it about five years ago on eBay and I was outbid. The eBay listing did not identify the pattern name or manufacturer. I looked everywhere for it. Then I saw a bedroom by Suzanne Tucker using the green colorway and was able to find out through her that it is Enchanted Forest by Grey Watkins.

The other day a follower of Chinoiserie Chic gave me a head's up that it was featured in the latest issue of Garden & Gun. I thought you might enjoy seeing it in Garden & Gun as well as the Suzanne Tucker bedroom. I also "used it" in the kitchen of my Chinoiserie Chic "I'm a Giant Challenge" dollhouse for those of you who have been following long enough to remember that Emily Henderson debacle. Here are the reveals of my two Chinoiserie dollhouses if you've never seen them - the primary residence and the Dragon House.

I still don't have this wallpaper in my home - at the time, the blue and white colorway had been discontinued and I would have had to buy the entire remaining stock and it is super expensive. Still hoping I find it some day again on eBay. It would make great framed panels too.

Thanks for all the comments and emails from as far away as London on my fence issue. In honor of Earth Day, I'm happy to report that we have kept the scoundrels at bay and the trees are all still safe as of now. We have identified two strong legal arguments to hopefully prevent it from happening at all. Onward and upward.

Tune in tomorrow for my One Room Challenge update, I hope.

Enchanted Forest by Grey Watkins

Garden & Gun

HS2 Architecture

Suzanne Tucker

Suzanne Tucker

The kitchen of my dollhouse

The kitchen of my dollhouse


Alison Hess said...

I tracked down another photo (#3) on the architect's site

Huge fan of chinoiserie chic blog!

Beth Connolly said...

Alison - Thanks so much for the head's up on Garden & Gun and this photo. It's so hard to find photos of this wonderful wallpaper.

Karena Albert said...

Beth it really is an amazing paper! Love it

Andrea said...

This wallpaper is absolutely gorgeous! I'll keep an eye out for you... I want you to have some!!

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