Thursday, March 6, 2014

Styling with Calligraphy Brushes

Calligraphy brushes are a great way to add Chinoiserie Chic style to a space. Use one, a few, or a collection on a coffee table, entryway table, desk, even hung on the wall. Great ones can be found starting at about $20 up to $75 on Etsy, eBay, flea markets, and stores selling Asian wares.

Melanie Turner Interiors

Mary McDonald

The Interior Archive

via Merchant Design

Melanie Turner Interiors

Country Home

via The Relished Roost

via donna Rossi

Waiting on Martha

Waiting on Martha

Waiting on Martha

via Skonahem

via Iden Covey

Panjayuan Market in Beijing via Flickr

These are for sale on Chairish


Tiffany Jones Interiors said...

Those are so beautiful! I never knew that's what they were. Thanks for the stunning ( and educational) post today.

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing the images. I have a few that I keep on my desk. You've given me some ideas to think about.