Friday, November 15, 2013

Trending - Mudcloth

Mudcloth, the traditional African textile made in Mali, is popping up more and more in interior design. I  love its simple black and white palette and free form patterns. Vintage mudcloth is available, as are modern interpretations. I especially like it used to upholster antique and vintage furniture - it pairs beautifully with bergere style and gilded pieces. I love the way Jamie Meares has styled this sofa below done in oversized mudcloth, even pairing it with Greek key.

I think mudcloth and Chinoiserie would be a great combination. Mudcloth would be a graphic juxtaposition to Chinoiserie, like stripes that combine so well with Chinoiserie. And like ikat and suzani that work so well with Chinoiserie, mudcloth would add an ethnic element that is so popular.

I have been adding more and more black to my own living room and love the contrast of black against the pink, ice blue, and celadon in the room. A bergere chair upholstered in mudcloth might be a great mix with my pastel palette and Chinoiserie. This may go on my To Do List for 2014.

Jamie Meares - Furbish

Jamie Meares - Southern Living

Jamie Meares - Furbish

The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of Style

Apartment Therapy


therelishedroost said...

Love it..obsessed!

Soul Pretty said...

Yes! I love it...I use it in my home too....and it's always a conversation starter...thanks for the eye candy as usual.

home before dark said...

I've always loved the graphic punch of black and white and the added grace of living with symbols. Mud cloth has it all and I hope to incorporate it into my new library/dining room.

Merlin said...

Hmmmm....luv the gilding....course it took me "awhile" to like Ikat...franki

Lesli at My Old Country House said...

Oooh I likey!

Junell said...

I love Mudcloth!!! Hope Jamie acknowledges your post.....