Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chinoiserie in Scandinavia

The October issue of House Beautiful is a real keeper. My favorite feature is this wonderful home of interior designer Nicolette Horn in Oslo, Norway. It unexpectedly combines lots of Chinoiserie in a historic Scandinavian home. I found this article especially interesting because my grandmother was Norwegian and from Oslo. Interestingly, she loved Chinoiserie. The house includes palm trees, blue and white Chinese porcelain, Quadrille fabrics and wallpaper, faux bamboo, pagodas, Chinese garden stools, fretwork, and Chinoiserie furniture and wallpaper. Notice how she combines purple and Chinoiserie in one of the bedrooms. I think using purple with Chinoiserie is going global.


Merlin said...

Wasn't that a "fun" article!! Those Swedes!! (My s-i-l is from Stockholm. :) franki

Ashley said...

What a beautiful feature! I am such a fan of pink that I am just dying over that little girls room. Love your blog! Xo, Ashley

therelishedroost said...

That green dining room was stunning!!

Lauren said...

All these pictures are just so stunning! I love your blog!