Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Easy Chinoiserie DIY

I am not a big DIY type, probably because I am a perfectionist and prefer to hire experts to do things better than I can, but I do love easy DIY projects. I have collected several I would like to try myself and thought I would share some with you over the next few days. I love this vignette by Thomas Jayne with its gorgeous Gracie Chinoiserie wallpaper and the pale blue Parsons desk edged in gold. I found this great blue Parsons desk on Home Decorators Collection for $199. It is made of wood too! It also comes in a file cabinet and bookcase. I think the gold edging could be done with one of my beloved Krylon 18 Kt. Gold Leafing pens or gold paint and a tiny brush. Find the desk here.


tiffany jones said...

Ditto on the DIY.... But I love this desk! What a great find. Thanks for sharing. (I see a new addition to my guest room)!

Karen Albert said...

Beth I love to see others DIY projects and then I picture the big mess I would make!

This would be beautiful for me if I could keep the gold edges strait! I have the markers!

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Dana tkach gault said...

This is gorgeous! You can buy mirror-finish 3/4" gold tape online and use it to cap the edges, leaving a 3/8" stripe on each edge. If you use the paint pen and mask off the legs, I would recommend lightly sanding the edges first. I never seem to be able to get consistent coverage with even oil paint pens, which is why I am a huge fan of tape! I actually covered a 5' x 5' bookcase with matte white Contact paper so I wouldn't have to drag it out to the yard and suffer through painting it. Please post photos of your DIY masterpiece!

Merlin said...

I DID NOT know about that pen!!! I just painted the inside of the mullions on my windows with metallic bronze...they look really nice (lots of compliments) but THAT PEN...would have been "worth it's weight in gold!" franki

(Ri)Charmed said...

I love paint pens! My second hand entertainment center got a coat of black paint and then I went to town on it with a gold paint pen. It's surprising how great things can look with just a little touch of gold!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Great idea! On larger projects I like to use a tiny sponge brush to apply gold, but this may be easier. Thanks, Beth.