Thursday, January 10, 2013

Navy Greek Key Trim - High/Low

House Beautiful
 I am crazy about using navy Greek key to trim curtains. Black or gray is also gorgeous. The best tip is that it can be easily sewn on by you or your dry cleaners to inexpensive ready made curtains to make them look incredibly expensive. One of my favorite tricks is the Ikea Aina in linen for $49.99 available in white, natural, gray, and pink. I used these in pink and trimmed them in navy Greek key for a client and they came out gorgeous - a very high end look. Keep your eyes open for Greek key trim on sale too - I just bought a zillion yards of Greek key trim at my local Jo- Ann's for $1.5O a yard. Tomorrow I will do a post on sourcing Greek key trim.

House Beautiful

Oversized Greek key trim

On cornice and curtains

Oversized fretwork on green

Grant K. Gibson - on camel

Ikea Aina

Ikea Aina

Ikea - Aina

Ikea - Aina

High end inspiration photo to give you the idea of pink linen with Greek key


Your French Buyer said...

Your creative addition made such a difference!

Thanks for tips on having gorgeous and money saving at same time.

Life On Planet Mum said...

i love the trim on these curtains. Any idea where we can find good quality greek key trim? Thanks!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I added Greek key trim to my ready-made curtains and I love it. I only wish I had chosen a wider ribbon. My custom plain white drapes have just been hung and they are screaming for some trim.

Nicole said...

Oh, please do tell which JoAnn's!! I live in NoVa too, and the last time I checked mine they weren't stocking Greek key trim. Thank you!!

Vickie H. said...

Love this! That gray trim on pink linen is magnificent!!! Can't wait for sourcing info tomorrow! You ROCK, Beth!!!

Unknown said...

How did you apply the trim?