Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pink Flamingos

Bunny Williams
A pink flamingo is a great way to add a pop of spring color to your home. Great for that Palm Beach Chinoiserie look. Reproductions of Audobon's American Flamingo are readily available online. I also love the needlepoint pillow and handbag. I would display the handbag as part of a tablescape.

Audobon American Flamingo

Audobon American Flamingo

Pink Flamingo Needlepoint Pillow

Pink Flamingo Handbag


Denise said...

Love all of these! Do you know where I can find the flamingo print that's in the first picture? I'm getting ready to re-do our home in FL and I would LOVE to add it to the mix!


Denise said...

P.S. I NEED to find the print that's hanging on the wall above the bench.... :-) LOVE it!

Junell said...

Ahh! This feeds my love affair with the wildly provocative pink birds. THX!

therelishedroost said...

I absolutely love the Flamingos!! What a fun post!!!