Monday, September 26, 2011

Great Chinoiserie Rooms That Break the Rules in Style

Today we begin our new series on Great Chinoiserie Rooms That Break the Rules in Style. The decorating rule that you shouldn't mix other patterns with a bold large scale wallpaper was beautifully ignored here by interior designer Pat Healing of HB Home in the October issue of House Beautiful. By sticking with a color palette of blue, black, and white, Pat has combined the iconic Chinoiserie pattern Quadrille Paradise Background with Quadrille Meloire Reverse on the sofa, a black and white striped rug, black and white bedding, a bold and funky black and white pillow (studio bon's Bang in Black), and a geometric black and white fabric for the curtains.

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Environs Development said...

bold updates to classic Chinoiserie style--love it.