Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm A Giant Challenge - The Singerie Entryway

I hope you love the singerie entryway as much as I do. Here are the details -

The carpet is Cowtan & Tout Malabar
The walls are painted in Benjamin Moore Sea Urchin
A lion rug - check out his fangs and claws
A gold pagoda mirror
A Herend monkey
A red Chinoiserie lantern with bronze filigree
Singerie wallpaper panels
A pair of teal blue real leather ottomans
A pair of grotto chairs
A pair of antique Chinese silk embroidered wall panels
A brass monkey console table holds Christmas packages and Christmas cards that I need to mail out today


Aesthetic Oiseau said...

AMAZING!!! Beth, these rooms are so fantastic. Great job!

i suwannee said...

this is REALLY REALLY REALLY fabulous.

Ann said...

AMAZING! I am loving that rug. You just went all out on this project, so beautiful.

Siren London said...

Wow, I am in love with all this monkeys! You need to let us know where you found all these amazing chinoiserie products!!

Ann said...

I love the wallpaper panels, the console table, the pagoda mirror, the ottomans, the carpet, the chairs . . . you get the idea. It's all great. My only reservation is the lion rug, and only on philosophical grounds. Clearly, it isn't a real lion, so I'll leave it at that. Great job! I eagerly await tomorrow's installment.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this! As a zoologist with a focus on primates and someone with a love of design, singerie is where it's at for me! I wasn't even familiar with the term singerie until your blog and I love that you defined it's translation in this blog. "Monkey trick!" Love it! I am now obsessed with all things singerie, but find that it can be difficult to come across so I love scouring your blog for sources!

Vickie H. said...

WHOA!!! Really, really stunning!
I love this so much!!! Cannot believe your ingenuity with these TINY spaces!!!

Renée Finberg said...

absolutely wild.
brilliant courage to pull this off!!


Dru said...

I am thoroughly enjoying each room, thanks so much

mikky said...

OMG, I didn`t realize these were minatures!! I thought it was an actual room, now I have to go back to the first post I read of yours to see if those are miniatures too. This is amazing, however, I really would have liked to get a gold monkey table for my house, I think my car keys would crush this guy. Too bad. The blue monkey is great too. Amazing job!


My Crafty Home-Life said...

I think I need to use some of this inspiration for my home!'re not going to let anyone "play" in it, are you?